Spending time with Virtual Coach Jim Blackburn is a professional development experience that will challenge how you think about yourself and others while at the same time be enlightening and reassuring regarding your unrealized potential and unlimited opportunities…

Basic Belief…
Jim believes that a person’s various life struggles and challenges come and go in the same way thunderstorms behave. Consequently, his work is not about helping a person eliminate the struggles and challenges in his or her life. Instead, he helps a person to better understand how to relate to those struggles and challenges that will sooner or later show up. And as a result, each of Jim’s clients is more productive and influential while experiencing less stress, anxiety, and/or worry.

Ultimate Impact…
Jim likes to think of himself as a learning facilitator instead of someone who teaches and shares his knowledge and beliefs. He believes that learning what other people know is not enough to bring about the type of  meaningful change necessary to overcome the serious struggles and challenges that a person will face at one time or another. As a result, Jim has created and applies a distinct learning process that takes his client far beyond where he or she could go when simply learning what another person knows and/or advises.

Distinct Methodology…
Jim and each of his clients take part in insightful, provocative, and opinion-shaping conversations that:

  • Go further and deeper than mainstream professional development practices.
  • Uncover the root causes of a client’s struggles and challenges which lead to an increased awareness of how to overcome them.
  • Stimulate a client’s thought process while helping to uncover the outdated beliefs as well as reshape the limiting opinions that hold the client captive to the old/familiar ways of dealing with adversity.
  • Uncover a client’s dormant thoughts and ideas that have been buried and forgotten for years, yet are filled with the potential and meaning that will give the client the confidence and capability to overcome future difficulties.
  • Help implement the small personal changes necessary for the client to confidently commit to the bigger changes necessary for the ultimate outcomes to be achieved.

When you visit with Jim, you will find him to be a source of reassuring confidence while at the same time challenging you to go far beyond the comfort of your old familiar ways that have served you well over the years gone by.

You can listen to Jim talk about his best selling book, “seeds of Intent” by clicking here.

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