Susan Nastasi 99x134“Jim helped me see the difference between multitasking things and multitasking people. Being fully present with other people creates immeasurable value in the relationship.”

~ Susan Nastasi, High Growth Influential Leader

Gary Beau“Jim isn’t just a teacher with a theory in a three-ring binder. He’s a coach skilled in the use of a one-way mirror – helping people see the honest reflection of who they are and how others view them to be, and holding them accountable for reconciling the differences that impede effectiveness in life and work.”

~ Gary Beu , Managing Director – West Monroe Partners

Andrew Bucklee - 99x134“I first met Jim Blackburn at one of his executive retreats and was immediately impressed by his provocative conversations and keen insight. Jim has unique abilities that set him apart from other consultants with whom I’ve worked. Metaphorically, he’s able to hear what’s not being said, and has an uncanny ability to uncover and clarify the root causes of much of an organization’s internal relationship dysfunctions. I would also add that Jim is not for everyone. The person who can best utilize Jim’s counsel must be capable of introspection and self-examination, as well as be willing to change certain beliefs and behaviors that have served them well over years past.”

~ Andrew J. Bucklee, CLU, ChFC, CFP, Senior VP, Head of Insuance Solutions Distribution, Lincoln Financial Distributors

Bo Blackburn Linked In 99x134“I’ve started a new career in a very fast paced, high anxiety, high turnover and difficult profession, and I’ve been having short conversations on a daily basis with Jim, who happens to be my father, for the last 18 months.  As a result of these conversations, Jim has helped me recognize personal traits that have been holding me back personally and professionally, while giving me the confidence to make the appropriate adjustments.  In a very short time, I’ve been making simple modifications to my daily routine and thought processes that have led me to professional fulfillment and achievements that I never thought were possible.  His ability to get me thinking differently has helped me be more effective, present, and impactful; all while working with less stress, struggle, and worry.  Jim is a life-line for me personally and professionally.”

 ~ J. Bo Blackburn, Financial Advisor/College Unit Director, Northwestern Mutual

Felton Wooten“I want to thank Jim Blackburn for his guidance in my professional and personal life. Jim helped me tremendously by listening to my concerns and providing valuable insight about my struggles with our family farm. His insight provided me with ways to better work with family and how to hold people within the family more accountable in the business. This wisdom from Jim has given me a degree of peace and understanding that has helped me to make important management decisions.

In addition, on a professional level, Jim was hired in a consultants role to help a top-level manager who reported to me. As a result of his work, the performance of the manager improved significantly. In addition, his work improved the performance of 2 key junior managers. I would highly recommend Jim both professionally and personally. He has contributed significantly to helping improve the culture in our organization, and he assisted me personally with developing a successful path for our family business. I am forever grateful for having Jim Blackburn in my life.”

~ Felton Wooten, Elderly Healthcare Consultant and Author, Wooten & Associates

Chuck Banker 99x134“Jim has had a major impact on my life, in and out of the office. He has a gift that is difficult to put into words, the ability to put one at ease no matter the circumstance, the ability to put things into perspective, and, most importantly, the ability to communicate in a manner that is nothing short of brilliant. Jim has been a godsend to me, helping me with my relationships at home and at work and helping me to accept my shortcomings. He has also enabled me to reduce the stress associated with my roles as a husband, a father, and sales professional. I cannot possibly thank him enough for his guidance, sincerity, and friendship.”

~ Chuck Banker, Private Bank Wealth Planning Specialist, Merrill Lynch

Steven Schlensky 99x134“Jim is a positive confrontational force committed to accomplishing goals that will lead to desired results.  His integrity is outstanding and he will not accept excuses even if it is against his self-interest.  His approach is refreshingly simple but effective.”

~ Steven Schlensky, Managing Member at Shlensky Advisors, LLC

Kimberly Small 99x134“I used to think that leadership was all about power, money and titles.  Jim helped me to see that leadership is really about contributing to the growth and success of others, and that these are the things that are sustainable in a business, and in life.  Jim has had a tremendous impact on my personal and professional growth and he has helped me realize that the talents and gifts that are innate within me are ones that can assist me in making a difference in someone else’s life.”

~ Kimberly A. Small, CLU, CFP®, MST, Managing Principal, 360 Karity Financial