Are you feeling down on yourself?  Do you feel inferior to others as they seem to be doing so much better than you?  Would you like to speak with someone about how you’re feeling, someone who is able to listen and more importantly hear what you are saying?

 Are your levels of stress, anxiety, depression, and/or worry more than you care to admit?  Would you like to speak with someone about how you’re feeling, someone who doesn’t hijack your conversation by telling you his stories, or immediately suggest solutions, or indirectly dismiss you?

Are you feeling badly about not being all that you want to be with your most important relationships as disagreements are occurring more often and feel more intense? Would you like to speak with  someone who, as he listens to you, is able to provoke your thinking as well as help you reshape some of your opinions about yourself, other people, and the dilemmas that cause you to struggle?

Are you searching for a better path to:

  • Feeling better about yourself and the unlimited opportunities available to you?
  • Experiencing more productive, fulfilling, meaningful, and enjoyable days?
  • Feeling less anxious, stressful, depressed and unsettled?
  • Better ways of coping with the numerous personal and professional demands that occupy much of your time?
  • Broadening and deepening your most meaningful and trustworthy relationships?

If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, you will want to have a conversation with Jim Blackburn. And when you have that conversation, you will quickly find Jim is able to:

  • Enlighten and reassure you regarding your unrealized potential and unlimited opportunities…
  • Challenge your current thinking about yourself and others…
  • Become a valuable resource capable of helping you eliminate your self-doubt while enhancing your self-confidence…

A long-term client recently discussing Jim’s impact on him shared the following…

“Jim has had a major impact on my life, in and out of the office. He has a gift that is difficult to put into words, the ability to put one at ease no matter the circumstance, the ability to put things into perspective, and, most importantly, the ability to communicate in a manner that is nothing short of brilliant.”

And while Jim is an accomplished professional currently working with many individuals throughout North America, you will find him to be easily accessible and affordable.

To learn more, fill out the form below to request a personal, confidential and complimentary conversation with Jim.