We have an admission to make

We have an admission to make… Since creating our blog earlier this month, we have been struggling with how best to use it to accomplish our intentions of assisting people who want to change one or more areas of their life… We have spent days thinking about what to write and share, but everything we came up with wasn’t what we felt to be effective in accomplishing our objectives. This morning we finally realized what was missing and why we were struggling.
Over the past 20 years, we have been able to assist people from all walks of life who were looking for answers concerning their desire to make significant changes in their lives. We accomplished this by listening to their individual stories describing their particular concerns, fears, and struggles. It was after hearing these stories that we could help, not before. And herein lies our struggle.
There are a couple of fundamental facts at play affecting our blog. The first is that the type of change we are talking about causes significant loss. Hence, the change experience is very emotional and needs to be grieved. The second important fact is that the type of change that we are discussing does not occur by learning what someone else already knows. This is why much of the advice people give to others is seldom if ever taken.
So our blog cannot be about what we know nor can it be too logical and full of advice. For it to succeed, it must be engaging with provocative observations and questions that allow you and our other followers to personalize the content and respond with additional insights, observations, questions, stories and more. It is going to need to be more about the real life situations that at one time or another we all experience and can identify with.
So what can you expect going forward? Hopefully a reading experience, that you can emotionally connect with, which will assist you in uncovering some of your thoughts, beliefs and behavior patterns that may be contributing to certain struggles in your life.

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