Spending time with Virtual Life Coach Jim Blackburn is an intimate engagement that definitely changes the way a person experiences his or her world on a daily basis. And as you will discover, it is very different than engaging with one of the many self-help website guru’s or internet personal development services that have become so popular of late.  How so you might be thinking?

First, Personal Transformational Change will not occur by learning what other people know. Said another way, new knowledge does not cause the type of change required for a person to experience his or her life differently. So what does cause the type of change necessary for a person to experience sustainable optimism and fulfillment while being able to reduce the fears and concerns of the unpredictable and uncertain world we all share?

For a person to experience Transformational Change, they must engage in a process that begins with his or her personal introspection and self-examination. And as discoveries are being made, emotional aha moments begin to occur, and the same old, same old takes on new meaning and significance, he or she will begin to see how old beliefs about self are in-fact holding him or her captive in an old world that no longer meets his or her needs. So now the question becomes how to break with these old, familiar and unhealthy beliefs?

The Transformational Change Process and finding the answers to this last question occurs with the assistance and guidance of Jim Blackburn. When a person enters into a personal engagement with Jim, he or she will experience insightful, provocative and opinion-shaping conversations that are challenging while also stimulating. And it is through these conversations that Jim is able to help implement the small personal changes necessary for the ultimate life transformational change to occur. More specially, an engagement with Jim will assist you, the client, to:

  • Go further and deeper than mainstream personal development practices generally go by tendering a challenging call and response framework to involve you in your own growth.
  • See the root causes of your struggles as well as well as how to eliminate them.
  • Uncover your dormant thoughts and ideas that have been buried and forgotten for years, yet are filled with the potential and meaning that will lead you to a life well lived.
  • Go deeper into a way of life that consists of sustainable optimism and fulfillment while being able to reduce the chronic struggle and worry that consumes so many lives in today’s unpredictable and uncertain world.

Who could benefit from a relationship with Jim? First, a person capable of personal introspection and self-examination. And secondly, a person who is willing to accept the personal responsibility necessary for creating the life he or she is meant to live.

You can listen to Jim talk about his best selling book, “seeds of Intent” by going to http://survepartners.com/books/seeds-of-intent/