Spending time with Jim Blackburn is very different than with the many traditional self-help gurus that have become so popular as motivational speakers, authors and personal coaches. Jim believes that all people are inherently capable of living life as it is meant to be lived, and as a result, he persistently insists that his individual client take responsibility for learning while he uses the client’s life as the instrument of learning during their time together.

Jim is able to help each client see the root causes of his or her chronic struggles as well as begin to uncover his or her dormant thoughts and ideas that are filled with potential and meaning, yet have been buried and forgotten over the many years into adulthood that have come and gone so quickly. As a result, his work is focused on helping each client experience a way of life that consists of sustainable optimism, fulfillment, and happiness, while at the same time, being able to manage the fears and anxiety caused by the uncertain, unpredictable and rapidly changing world in which he or she lives.

The type of person who would benefit most while working with Jim is capable of introspection and self-examination while seeking a different approach to experiencing his or her life in a more fulfilling and authentic way. Additionally, this person must be capable and willing to accept responsibility for creating the life he or she is meant to live.