New knowledge, or learning what other people know, does not cause change. As a result, most traditional training and educational programs fall short when the professional worker, or knowledge worker, is seeking improvement in the results of his or her work efforts. Typically, once the knowledge worker has mastered the basics of his or her profession, learning tends to stop, and as a result, careers flat line with feelings of stress and anxiety becoming the norm in the unpredictable, uncertain and rapidly changing workplace that exists today.

So how do experienced and high growth professions continue their growth and development? The answer is SURVE’s High Road to Professional Excellence.

SURVE’s High Road to Professional Excellence is a unique process that combines an ongoing integration of Personal and Professional Development while using a cutting edge philosophy that integrates work and learning such that they become synonymous. More specifically, this innovative learning process is a highly interactive experience with the learners becoming responsible for implementing their newly discovered beliefs and behaviors that can ultimately lead them into a more fulfilling and productive way of relating to their work and the people who are within their sphere of influence.

This process differs from the traditional, yet important, basic and advanced training focus of new knowledge and skills by utilizing a customized learning process that becomes a different learning experience for each individual learner who must be capable of introspection and self-examination while seeking ways of becoming more influential. The learners discover how some of their traditional beliefs about such things as “success”, “goal setting”, “competing” and “being the best” are actually blockers to their growth, while at the same time, they are introduced to new beliefs that ultimately become enhancers to their growth.

Ultimately, SURVE’s High Road to Professional Excellence serves as a catalyst for the individual professional to change in ways that result in increased productivity with less struggle and stress while simultaneously experiencing more fulfillment and meaning in the workplace.