Turning Your Life’s Journey in a Different Direction…

“How you choose to relate to an experience is what that experience becomes… “

Have you heard this phrase before? If not, pause for a moment and think about this statement as it relates to you and your life’s journey.

Your life, my life, and in fact everyone’s life is an experience that is unique to you, me and to each person. Well, when you put the above quote into play, can you see how each of us becomes responsible for how our individual lives play out. Regardless of whether our life is going well or is a struggle, each of us is the major contributor to our life’s unique journey and experiences.

If your life’s journey isn’t headed in the direction that you would like,  you have the power to change its direction if you accept the fact that you are a major contributor to the direction your life is now headed.  If you deny that you are contributing to your struggles and unhappiness, the possibility of your life changing is slim at best.  When you accept that you are a major cause of your life’s struggles, the opportunities and possibilities for change increase exponentially.

Do you recognize the name George Zimmerman?  Zimmerman was acquitted last year of second-degree murder for fatally shooting 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, a case that drew international attention and spurred national discussions about race and self-defense laws. Martin was black and unarmed.  Well, George is in the news again. Who do you think is a major contributor to George’s on-going struggles?  And what do you think needs to occur for George’s life to take a different direction?
How often have you wished your life was different?



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