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“Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass… it’s about learning how to dance in the rain…

A Reminder from “The Engineers of Life”…The Engineers of Life

“Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass… it’s about learning how to dance in the rain…”

We have had many people tell us how much they like this quote, but when we ask them how it has contributed to them experiencing less struggle in their lives, their answers are vague at best.
What about you? Does this quote resonate with you? And if it does, while staying with this metaphor, are you able to “dance in the rain”? And if you can, are you able to explain how you do it to another person who needs to learn how to “dance in the rain” so to speak?
We would like to share our thoughts on how to “dance in the rain”. And in doing so, we hope we can assist you and the other people reading this bog in reducing much of the chronic struggle within certain situations/relationships that may be consuming to much mental and emotional energy. A few examples could be an employment situation, a family relationship, a marriage, a personal relationship, a school situation and more…
Before we begin, however, we want to emphasize that learning to “dance in the rain” begins with genuinely wanting to improve the situation/relationship that is causing the struggle. Without that desire and commitment to improving the situation/relationship, what we are sharing here will be meaningless. In addition, what we are about to share is relatively easy to understand, but very challenging to implement while requiring both patience and perseverance.
Okay, assuming the commitment exists, we want to begin with your role in the struggle as well as how you view it. When one or more of these situations/relationships are creating struggle in your life, it is important to understand and accept your role in the struggle. And more importantly, you must accept that you are contributing to the struggle by how you view it as well as how you relate too it. Think about what we are saying here. We are telling you that you are contributing to the struggle that you say you want to eliminate. Can you accept what we’re telling you? We hope so, because the only way you can reduce or eliminate the struggle is to change your view of the situation as well as how you relate to it.
What we are telling you is what we refer to as “relating to same situations/relationships differently”. It’s a form of Personal Growth that when properly implemented will free you from the grip of the negative thoughts and feelings that are holding you captive and in essence self-imposed. Self-imposed you’re asking? Absolutely. It’s important to understand that how you feel comes from within, and you have full control over those feelings when you choose to think and behave differently regarding the unhealthy situation/relationship.
Finally, “dancing in the rain” is extremely difficult when you are dancing alone. In other words, it is very beneficial to have a dance partner who understands how to lead you as he/she pushes and pulls you in ways that frees as well as supports you as you address your challenging and unhealthy situation/relationship. The question will be are you willing to follow?
Please feel free to add your thoughts as well as share your questions to this complex Personal Growth topic. And as always, we appreciate your support and feedback.

In the Spirit of Learning through Life…
Jimmie and Charlie Watson
“The Engineers of Life”

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