Pops And Grandson Andy Enjoying Life…

A Reminder from the Engineers of Life

“What you love, you empower, what you fear you empower, what you empower you attract…”

The-Engineers-of-LifeAre you feeling anxious and fearful more often than you care to admit?

If so, you can remove whatever fears and insecurities you are experiencing as well as gain strength to cope with the challenges you are encountering by doing the following…

First, you must forget about you.  That’s right.  When you forget about you, you will be redirecting your focus which is currently inward and narrow.  Also, because what you focus on grows and occupies your thinking, your narrow inward focus will cause your unpleasant feelings to expand and become more intense.

Instead, redirect your focus and thoughts to a person you care most deeply about and who has made a significant difference in whom you have become.  And it’s important that you choose only one person. This will allow you to narrow and intensify your focus, and as stated above, you will experience different feelings of gratitude and optimism that will deepen and broaden in intensity.  Choices could be your spouse, a child in your family, a best friend, a parent or possibly a grandparent.

Now spend a quiet few moments genuinely caring about her/his happiness…. and think of ways for you to promote her/his self-worth and sense of value.  Next, take action.  When you do, you will find what happens next to be truly amazing…

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