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A Message from the Engineers of Life

Over the past few months, we have been receiving requests for information about the book, “seeds of Intent”. The majority of questions have been around what the book is about and who would benefit by reading it. As a result of these questions, we’d like to share some insights into this life changing book.

“seeds of Intent” is a book about Personal Transformation. It is also a very different kind of book as described by one well known book critic who wrote the following when the book was first released…

“This book is a participatory endeavor that is designed to shake you awake, to take you deep into a way of life that consists of sustainable optimism, fulfillment, and happiness, while being able to manage the fears of the uncertain and unpredictable future that awaits you. The author does not scatter pearls of wisdom like so much self-help guru pigeon feed, but tenders a demanding call-and-response framework to involve readers in his or her growth.”

Who would benefit by reading “seeds of Intent”? It was written for the person who has a desire to live life more fully and productively while experiencing less worry, fear and/or struggle. And to fully benefit from this reading experience, the reader must be a person who is capable of introspection and self-examination, and who is seeking a different approach to experience his or her life in a more fulfilling and authentic way.

If you are interested in obtaining “seeds of Intent”, you can order online at by clicking the book image below:

seeds of Intent FB Cover

In the spirit of learning through life…
Jimmie and Charlie Watson
“The Engineers of Life”

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